What if I travel without a ticket on Ligurian railways? (2023)

Well, it’s never a good idea. However, till recently some of the passengers tried to travel, especially on trains, without a ticket. Anyway, now the situation has changed! And now – You, yes You who was wondering if it is easy to travel by train without a ticket in Liguria! Be prepared that it is not anymore 🙂

New rules

Normally it is a train conductor who has to manage with all passengers. And it is still so but there are new figures that help him (even if I read that such role exists from 2008! But I’ve never seen them before here in Liguria).

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Protezione Aziendale

They are called Protezione Aziendale and they are groups of young men travelling on trains board. They are a kind of guards who help to manage problematic passengers and even more – they don’t allow to get on a train if you don’t have a ticket! In this way is much more difficult to travel by train without a ticket. They are wearing black waistcoats with the logo of Italian Railways. They travel in groups of 4-6. Not only to prevent the travels without tickets but also to ensure a calm and safe trip to all passengers! I would say … FINALLY!


However, if you tried to travel without a ticket anyway and a controller caches you, you will have to pay the full price of the ticket (basic rate) + the following fines:

  • 50 euros if you pay immediately to the controller
  • 100 euros if you pay within 15 days
  • 200 euros over 15 days up to 60
    Moreover, in the last two cases, it is necessary to add 5 euros as a cost of recovery.

So if you get on the Genoa-Milan Intercity train you will have to pay the controller 26 euros for the basic rate + 50 euros for a fine for a total of 76 euros!

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  • If in order not to pay you are hiding among the carriages or you close yourself in the bathroom you will have to pay off the basic ticket + a fine equal to three times the basic ticket with a minimum of 200 euros (in the case in which tripling the ticket does not reach 200 euros).

* What is more, there are also the fines for not validated ticket (!!!). I’ve already described it here.

You don’t speak in Italian? No problem 😉

You can’t even hope that speaking in English or in another language will help you to be set free cause you don’t understand the Italian language. Recently Italian Railways have recruited a lot of new staff who speaks well in foreign languages. English, French, Spanish and even German! ​​What is more, I saw that the controllers managed even Asian tourists who were speaking only in their language … and they managed them without speaking in any Asian language 😉

No cash? No problem 😉

If you’ll be caught without a ticket, you can’t even say that you don’t have cash, cause now train controllers have credit card machines …

No documents? No problem 😉

If you don’t want to show your documents and don’t want to pay the fine you will have to get off the train at the next stop of that train and the controller will call the police/carabinieri that will be waiting for you there …


So Protezione Aziendale, Italian Police, fines … I think they all are not worthy of all of that stuff … and it is better to buy a ticket immediately 🙂

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Might interest you !


Do they check tickets on Italian trains? ›

These tickets must still be validated using the machines typically found inside the station or on the platforms. This validation must take place before you board the train - there's nowhere to validate a ticket on the train, and you'll incur a fine if your ticket isn't validated.

What happens if you don't have a valid train ticket? ›

If you board a train without a ticket at a station where ticket facilities were available, you may be given a Penalty Fare Notice (PFN) and have to pay a Penalty Fare by a ticket inspector who has been appointed as a 'Penalty Fares Collector'.

How can we travel in train without ticket? ›

If you have not been able to get a confirmed ticket due to any reason, as per Indian Railways rules, you may still travel using the waiting ticket. To use this option you have keep in mind that the waiting ticket should be obtained from the ticket window. Online unconfirmed tickets are not eligible for this option.

What is the fine for Travelling without ticket in local train? ›

Punishment : 1st offence` 100 fine, 2nd & subsequent ` 250, one month imprisonment.

What happens if you get caught without a train ticket in Italy? ›

You have to know that even travelling by train in Italy has its specific rules. The most important one is to validate your ticket! If you board a train without validating your ticket in the validating machine you will get 200€ fine!!!

How much is the fine for not having a train ticket in Italy? ›

Passengers found travelling without a valid ticket or with an irregular ticket will be issued with a penalty fare from 100 to 500 euros, in addition to the payment of the ticket price as well as procedural and postal costs, if applicable. The penalty is reduced by 50 % if paid within 5 days after notification.

Is it a crime to get on a train without a ticket? ›

Fare evasion is a criminal offence and you may be prosecuted. If convicted, you will: Get a criminal record. Pay a fine of up to £1,000.

Do trains check tickets? ›

Ticket checks on trains and at stations by guards and the revenue protection team to make sure passengers have the right ticket for their journey.

Can you buy your ticket on the train? ›

Buying tickets

It is no longer possible to buy the full range of tickets on board a train. Like all train companies*, you must buy a ticket before you board, or risk getting a penalty fare.

Can I travel without ticket in train 2022? ›

If you do not have a reservation, in such a situation, along with a penalty charge of Rs 250 from the passenger, you should get the ticket made by paying the total fare of the journey. These important rules of railways that you must know. The Platform Ticket entitles the passenger to board the train.

Will you travelled without a ticket why? ›

He did not have money to buy ticket therefore, he travelled without a ticket.

Can I still use my train ticket if I missed my train? ›

If you miss the first train on which you are booked for any reason, a new ticket must be purchased. If delays occur while travelling, you will be allowed to take the next available train(s) to complete your journey.

Do you legally have to pay train fines? ›

If you board a train without a valid ticket or Promise to Pay notice you may have to pay a Penalty Fare. If it is shown that your intention was to avoid your fare, then you are breaking the criminal law and you may be liable for prosecution.

How much is the fine for the train in Cinque Terre? ›

€50... HOWEVER the train conductor can choose to sell you a standard ticket + a €5 penalty, but this is at their discretion.

Do you have to buy train tickets in Italy? ›

You will need to buy a train ticket for every train trip you take in Italy. You will not necessarily need to buy a train reservation for every trip. Some trains require them, some trains have them available if you want to buy them, and in some cases they aren't even an option.

What happens if you miss your train connection in Italy? ›

If you miss your train, simply approach the ticket counter, or Biglietteria, present your original ticket, and ask about your options. The representative will be able to advise you based on your individual ticket.

What if you get caught train hopping? ›

If caught trespassing, train hoppers face a maximum fine of $10,000 or a year in jail. To stay secret, most make use of the crew change guide, an underground bible passed among seasoned hoppers that contains detailed information about train yards across North America.

What are the punishments for train hopping? ›

Probable Penalty

It should elicit a fine of a couple hundred dollars, but it could land you a month (or more) in jail and a fine in the ballpark of $1,000. CLICK HERE for more of Esquire's Guide to Minor Transgressions!

Do you have to validate Trainline tickets in Italy? ›

The regional train tickets bought online are valid for 4 hours from the departure of the chosen train and do not require validation.

Do they check bus tickets in Italy? ›

The reason you must validate your ticket is because you could incur a heavy fine for not doing so. Buses can be randomly checked at any time, like other public transportation in Italy, to verify you have a valid ticket for your ride.

Do you need ID to travel by train in Italy? ›

You must show ID (typically a passport) and your ticket (with PNRs) to the conductor the train. You can do this on your personal device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or have your ticket printed out. For trains that require seat reservations, you must also show your reservation.

Do you need a printed ticket for trains in Italy? ›

Paperless train tickets In Italy are very common. Instead of a paper ticket, you'll simply get a code to show the ticket inspector. No printer required! You can present paperless train tickets on a smartphone or other mobile device, or you can simply write the reference down.

Can I travel to Italy without a return ticket? ›

You will need proof of sufficient funds and a return plane ticket. For additional information about visas for the Schengen area, see the Schengen Visa page.

What if you miss your train in Italy? ›

If you miss your train, simply approach the ticket counter, or Biglietteria, present your original ticket, and ask about your options. The representative will be able to advise you based on your individual ticket.


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